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I Want To Change The World

12 March 1985
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This tall young man definitely sticks out in a crowd, almost six feet in height. Atop his head, a long mane of pure-white hair streams down, almost to the ground. Two white tendrils overlap both of his shoulders. Poking out from the top is a pair of white-furred canine ears that seem to twitch whenever he hears any loud sound. Beneath the hair is his youthful face, featuring a set of smooth golden demonic eyes. His nose is upturned, accentuating his boyish cuteness. His mouth is on the small side, most of the time. About his neck is a peculiar necklace (kotodama) of round purple beads with small fangs between five of them. His strong demonic hands have claws that stick the end out of each of his fingers.

Dressed in attire fitting the Sengoku era of Japan, he wears a white yukata top which can be seen through his collar and the slits down the sides of his huge red kimono top. Loose fitting, it allows for complete freedom of movement without looking baggy. The sleeves are more form fitting until they reach his wrists. Once there, they flare out, flowing almost completely over his hands. At the end of each sleeve are several dark red stitches, almost invisible to the casual eye. At the corner of each stitch is a little thread that spreads outwards. Across his chest is a thin cross strap, leading over the opposite shoulder, like a sash. About his waist is a bow, wrapped around his waist, connecting his hakama pants with his kimono top. The bottom of the pants is tied off at his ankles, revealing the lack of shoes on his clawed feet.

Attached to his waist by a hidden belt, is a black sheath with two small red cords wrapped around it that holds a rigidly held hilt and handle. Completely rusted, underneath the torn and shredded handle wrappings, this useless looking sword becomes far more when drawn and wielded by this man.

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Name - InuYasha
Age - Real age: 200; acts about 17 or 18
Race - Half dog demon, half human
Sex - Male
Hair Color - White when half demon and demon; black when in human form
Eye Color - Yellow when half demon; red in transformation; violet when in human form
Weapons - Claws, Tetsusaiga, Hightened Senses
Occupation - Demon Hunter, Annoying Kagome and Teasing Her
Noticeable Features - Sharp claws, fangs, and dog ears
Relations - Half brother Sesshomaru, Ex-Girlfriend Kikyo, Girlfriend Kagome
Most Used Expression - Feh!
Bio - A half demon, on the road with Kagome in search of shards of the Shikon Jewel. He is stubborn and unyielding, and has a hard time expressing his feelings.

Inuyasha is one of the most stubborn people (hanyou). He is down right rude, hateful, yells a lot at everyone. But he does have a good heart and does care a lot for his friends. He has a major attitude problem with anyone and gets on their nerves most of the time. The guy loves to fight and will pick fight when ever he can to show off and to protect the one he loves. Inuyasha is also the jealous type and will get jealous very often. If Kouga is ever involved, he has a tendency to get in ridiculous fights that don't even matter to anyone but the hanyou. He also has a huge ego, challenging anyone and anything wherever or whenever he pleases.

One of the most amazing features, is InuYasha's dog ears and keen nose. His ears can hear even the most softest of noises. However, a loud bang can trigger his sensitive ears and throw InuYasha into a raging temper. InuYasha's nose is very powerful, and can pick of the scent of anything, even blood. Tracking someone is a piece of cake for InuYasha, his nose can smell anyone from miles away.

Fangednecklace: Inuyasha wears a particular kind of necklace around his neck. There's no way that anyone could pull it off of him, unless they were a priestess of some sort. He tries straining himself trying to get the damn thing off of him. Their was only one person that could submit him with just one word. That word would be none other then: Oswari (something like that) or "Sit!"
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Well not much to say, but I am a really outgoing person, I love being with people, and working around people. I enjoy friends, family and chocolate! I love to make and create Anime Music videos, and draw and so furth.
Strengths: easy to please, friendly, careing, kind
Weaknesses: Always hungry, I cry a lot when something bad happens, I over react at something, I tend to not finish things on time sometime.
Special Skills: Making Anime Music Vides, Drawing, writing, computers
Weapons: teeth, my plastic tetsusaiga,hands, feet, pencil, book
Pet Peeves: I hate it when people make fun of someone just because their different. I hate people who think they are better then others.

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Kagome: My mother used to tell me, we really don't know what our purpose here on earth is, but we keep on trying.
Inuyasha: That's what makes things interesting, there’s no telling what tomorrow will bring.